Holistic Personal Training

Glenn Hill Holistic Health Coach


Plated machines build strength for clients and increase muscle, which increases the metabolism.  Plated machines are safer for newby clients as the machines range of movement is linear and safe, we will often lift heavy on the plated machines.  It doesnt matter about your age, plate loaded weights done slowly at light high repetitions are a  great way of slowing down sarcopenia (old age muscle wastage)

As a complete holistic personal health coach I utilise every single training method including free weights such as dumbells and kettlebells.  By using free weights it incorporates stabilising muscles in a big way to ensure strong functional joints and muscles.  Dont worry though we wont progress until you are ready for it, when you are ready for it you will love our kettelbell pyramid!  I learned some of these tools whilst attending a KBT strength & conditioning course.

Functional training is growing extremely popular, this can incorporate absolutely anything which improves your bodies functionality. Push, pull, drag, throw and jump your way to better functional fitness with interesting varied equipment.  I love playing on the Battle-rope, Rebounder and throwing balls around for fun.  You just wont get bored or stop getting results witrh functional training.  I developed my skills doing military fitness & attending a crossfit course.


Mindset & Counselling

Mindset improvement including life changing positive changes and goals, using knowledge gained from Neuro Linguistic Programming & Kinesiology -applied muscle testing - thinking utilising tools such as tapping & Bach Flowers

Injury Rehab

Injury rehab from muscular & skeletal problems using sports massage, bodymap, emmett techniques, kinesiology and neuro skeletal screen

Adventure activities & events

As a fully qualified multi activity adventure instructor I can take my clients on adventure weekends conducting activities such as mountaineering, climbing and mountain biking. We also compete in events such as No-Ego challenge and Gung-Ho.

Holistic Health

Basically looking at a client as a whole, we can test muscles for example to assess muscles, electrical signalling, mental & emotional issues and digestion

Food intolerances

There are a number of ways to find out if your body doesnt like a certain food, sometimes you will just know. I use kinesiology (muscle testing) to test for food intolerances and micronutrient deficiencies

Hormonal health

Arguably the most important factor, especially for individuals over 30 years of age. We can test your bloods for a complete health check and using the information we find out change your life beyond recognition. You dont need to feel old, just by balancing hormones you can honestly feel 10 or 20 years younger


This is an unlimited offer for anybody who takes on my challenge.  Because I am a massive geek and have invested in myself so much within the past decade I can offer a new client to train for free for a month (£425 package for FREE).

All you need to do is find a health coach within the Region that offers more to his/her clients!

Show me the evidence of all the stuff that is offered and as long as it’s more than I offer you will receive £425 worth of Personal Training. I promise!

“Please take my challenge”

Please dont think of this challenge as being arrogant or over confident, it isnt meant to be: I have created a PT package that I believe is World Class & totally holistic.



National Award Shortlisted Health Coaching in: Personal Trainer Newcastle,Health Coach Birtley,PT Durham,Body Coach North East.

Postal adress: Pulse Gym Birtley, Harraton Terrace, DH32QG

Phone: 07983570574

Email: i.trainhard@yahoo.co.uk

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