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If looking in the mirror is a pain and stubborn belly fat and bingo wings are getting you down?

Are you interested in the only 100% double your money back guarantee weight loss coach in the North East?

If you dont feel confident when you socialise or around your husband or partner?

you may need a little help.

We specialise in fitness & lifestyle coaching for people over 30 years old in the Durham area, there are extra difficulties for this group when it comes to getting and staying in great shape….thats where we can help.

  • Why you could be jeopardising your health
  • Simple take action now tips for quick weight loss
  • Mistakes we make by dieting
  • Why muscle is so important
  • The best training methods



“Our success stories”

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If you have tried everything for weight loss and toning including:

Weight loss classes:  you lose weight quickly but its really hard work and as soon as you dont go anymore the weight piles back on.

Joined a Gym:  You have been to a number of gyms and results have been average and motivation seems so difficult.

Diet Clubs:   They dont call it yoyo dieting for nothing, whatever weight you take of will go back on again.  always eventually

Do it on your own:  Losing weight and getting toned up by yourself is the hardest way, again motivation can slip very easily.

The highest standards anywhere, Glenn has over 18 years experience in and out of the military of training a wide variety of individuals to be the best they can be.  Glenn specialises in professional weight management & toning, either using the Bannatynes Chester le Street Riverside or a location of your choice Glenn can change the way you look and feel. Glenn spends most of his time in the ladies gym surrounded by our female members, as you can understand the conversations he gets involved with will shock most men.  Glenn understands his lady clients worries and struggles more than any other fitness professional in the area.

 Trained as a Master Personal Trainer at the European Institute of Fitness


Glenns' Values - Personal Trainer Durham

Its really abouPersonal Training Durham by Glen Hill Fitness. Call: 01913874222 t being a decent bugger and doing the best you can for other people, hey these i have learnt and developed, i was a horrible 20 year old lol.

So here we go:

Integrity: or being honest, is probably the most important thing in a job and even in my facility.  How can you be credible if you are a liar, i am forever honest to my clients, gym members and friend(my tribe).  Because there are so many blatant lies regarding food, fitness and health you need honesty.

Enthusiasm: Life is tough and it can sometimes be hard to keep your morale up, i will always show a genuine liking for what i do because helping people is genuinely great.  Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm after all.

Respect for others: putting others in front of yourself is awesome, everybody deserves respect redardless of any issue.  I dont believe the misconception that overweight people are lazy, they may just need some honest advice(integrity) or a little help.

Giving extra: personal training is a job and some people treat it as such, I truly believe in giving my all to ensure my clients meet goals and change their lives for better and for good.

Teamwork: we are stronger as a team and can achieve so more than the sum total of our individual efforts.  My clients, my tribe are a team and thats how and why we achieve more than the rest.

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If you interested in shedding that 7-10lb average festive weight gain, i am running rather exclusive small group personal training starting sometime in january.  A small group paying £25 a week for 2 fitness sessions a week sharing with other like minded individuals.  Much cheaper than my personal training, although i am worth it.

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Glenn conducting some sports therapy and soft tissue release

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